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Gare Du Nord

duo parnas
Madalyn Parnas, violin
Cicely Parnas, cello

duo parnas’ second recording is a collection of fascinating and rarely-heard violin/cello duos written by 20th century composers each with a “Parisian Influence”. Martinu, a Bohemian Czech composer, wrote his first duo in Paris. Though Swiss, Honegger lived most of his life there, attending the Paris Conservatory with his thoroughly French colleague Milhaud. The Ukrainian Glière changed his name from “Glier” to the French-sounding “Glière”. And, Fennelly’s ’Sigol’ for Two is dedicated to granddaughter Sigol who lives in Paris. The busy Parisian train station seems a fitting metaphor; these pieces converge on Paris in various ways from many places as do rail travelers on “Gare du Nord”. The resulting collection is sumptuous. Enjoy!

BOHUSLAV MARTINU: Duo No. 2 for Violin and Cello 1. Allegretto (2:54)
Audio Sample

2. Adagio (4:08)

3. Poco allegro (3:35)

REINHOLD GLIERE: Eight Duets, Op. 39 4. Prelude (2:11)

5. Gavotte (2:08)

6. Cradle Song (2:25)

7. Canzonetta (1:50)

8. Intermezzo (1:45)

9. Impromptu (1:52)

10. Scherzo (3:17)
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11. Etude (1:23)

ARTHUR HONEGGER: Sonatina for Violin and Cello 12. Allegro (4:49)
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13. Andante (5:01)

14. Allegro (4:30)

BRIAN FENNNELLY 15. 'Sigol' for Two (8:58)
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DARIUS MILHAUD: Sonatina for Violin and Cello 16. AnimÈ (2:27)
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17. ModÈrÈ (3:04)

18. Vif (2:27)

BOHUSLAV MARTINU: Duo for Violin and Cello 19. Preludium: Andante moderato (4:27)
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20. Rondo: Allegro con brio (8:43)